Class Schedule

. We have 4 types of classes available – Free YouTube lesson, Online lessons, 2 day Bootcamp and 3hr lessons held at Community Centers. All payable classes fee range from $10 – $40.

1. Free lessons

We have short IT lessons every week on YouTube.
We have short IT lessons every week on YouTube. Subscribe!


2. Online lessons

List of online lessons can be found here Lessons are $13.65 each.
Promotion: For every 3 Google class or Excel class registered, you will receive a free consultation session after the class.


3. Bootcamp

In the 2-day bootcamp, we will go in-depth on the topic with theory, hands-on, excursion, real live practice, both within and outside of classroom.
Classes are available in Apr – Sep 2021. Fees payable $40. Register your interest below.

Name of the person you like us to contact to confirm the class


4. Classes held at Community Centers
(Apr 2021 – Sep 2021)

These are 3 hour, $10* classes aimed to give seniors good knowledge on the topic.
Registration: You can register for the classes at community centers itself or through

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