Below are example of some of the courses we provide in both English and Mandarin:

Corporate Training

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google Suite

Going Online 网上教课/学习

  • Learning online with Zoom (使用Zoom在网上学习)
  • Teaching online with Zoom – for teachers (使用Zoom教课)
  • How to present yourself online – for teachers (老师如何在教课镜头前展现自己)
  • How to edit your video as training material – for teachers (如何剪辑教学影片)

Basic 基本

  • Tablet 101 (平板电脑101)
  • Understanding your iPhone (苹果 iOS 手机基础班)
  • Understanding your Android Phone (安卓 Android 手机基础班)
  • Understanding Mobile Apps (了解智能手机应用程序)

Social Media 社交媒体 

  • Be an Instagrammer! (社交应用程序 Instagram)
  • Facebook for Beginners (社交网站 Facebook 面簿)
  • Introduction to Emailing (网上交流 – 电邮)
  • Stay Connected with WhatsApp (社交应用程序 WhatsApp)
  • Introduction to WeChat (微信入门)
  • Communications Made Easy with Skype (通讯软件 Skype)
  • Staying Safe from Online Scams and Fake News ( 预防网络欺诈/假新闻)

Photo/Video 照片/影像 

  • Google Photo (Google照片)
  • Making Movies With MS Movie Maker (微软影像制作)
  • Mobile Photography (手机拍照)
  • Mobile Videography (基本手机录影技巧)
  • Photo Editing with Smartphone (使用智能手机编辑照片)
  • Youtube Video Production (YOUTUBE影像制作)

Payment/Buy/Sell 付款/购物/销售 

  • Guide to Cashless Payments (无现金交易入门)
  • Selling Online (网上销售)
  • Shop and Pay Online (网上购物与付款)
  • E Transactions & Internet Security (网上交易和网上安全)

Microsoft 微软 

  • Creative Presentations using Powerpoint (基本微软多媒体幻灯片)
  • Understanding Microsoft Excel (基本微軟Excel)
  • Microsoft Excel Advanced (高级微軟Excel)
  • Microsoft Excel – Pivot Table (微軟Excel – Pivot Table)
  • Microsoft Excel – Formulas (微軟Excel – 自动计算)
  • Microsoft Excel – Tables and Charts (微軟Excel – 表格和图表)
  • Understanding Microsoft Word (基本微軟Word)

Music 歌唱 

  • Fun With Music on Smartphone / Tablet (手机/平板电脑弹唱乐)

Transport 交通 

  • Navigating Singapore with Google Maps (Google地图环岛乐)
  • Transportation at your Fingertips (智慧交通应用程序)
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